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Consulting & development for high-performance organizations

Year of Living Better® provides the fastest solution to reduce workforce burnout.

We're on a mission to transform workplaces from systems that increase stress to systems that enhance well-being. In partnership with consultants and certified L&D professionals, we provide simple, outcome-focused solutions that help business leaders reduce their exposure to the risk associated with employee burnout. 

Founded in 2020 as a response to the demand for new, evidence-based well-being solutions to support employee mental health, we now provide support to professionals and their teams across healthcare, technology, consulting, advertising, public health, and education.

Your top workforce challenge, solved.

Founder & Principal Consultant

Rachel Kanarowski

our team

Founder, #howmencry

Men's Mental Health ERG Advisor

Jordan "Dxtr Spits" Holmes

Brand Strategy Advisor

Tracy Jackson

Talent & Organizational Effectiveness Advisor

Lisa Padden

Partner Network

Speaker, Executive Coach, & Expert Advisor

Susan Groner

Year of Living Better® LIVE Instructor

Julia De'Caneva, CMT-P

Mindfulness Educator

Mindfulness Expert for Sales Teams

Danny Grieco, CMT-P

Founder, Mindhawk

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Programming based on research by universities including:

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