Enhance your company
benefits package with

Enhance your company
benefits package with

Enhanced employee well-being

increased team resilience

connection & emotional health

an affordable benefit solution that provides:

what is toxic stress costing your organization?

Some stress is helpful, motivating us to work harder. But toxic stress often strikes without warning.

Without the right support in place, this kind of stress can quickly take its toll on your people. The longer toxic stress persists, the more resources it takes to address it.

You've seen the signs:

Collaboration stalls
Customer service suffers
Projects lag
Innovation dries up

More sick days are logged
Medical insurance claims increase
Turnover rises
Recruiting & onboarding $ increase

But there's hope. The Year of Living Better® mindfulness program was designed by a corporate veteran for companies like yours. The service is provided as an enhancement to your total benefits package.

No beads. No incense. Just science-backed skills proven to provide immediate relief for your people. The benefit is delivered through live weekly classes online. Your people can easily join from anywhere they call "the office," together with other professionals from around the country.

see how this benefit makes organizations stronger.

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Enhanced employee well-being

increased team resilience

connection & emotional health

An affordable health benefit well-suited to our stressful times. Each 20-minute group session is live and can be joined from anywhere in the world.

Weekly, online group coaching to improve your employees' focus, increase their emotional intelligence, and immediately reduce their stress.

Working remotely can be lonely. These live sessions offer a chance to connect with others in a wellness activity designed to support emotional health.

trusted by

trusted by

"Rachel's mindfulness coaching provides our staff with weekly support.

Her simple practices give our people new tools to navigate stressful times."

Matt richards,

Chicago, IL

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

how the benefit works:

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Select a plan, enroll, & receive the Year of Living Better® quick-start kit with all the materials you need to announce the benefit to your employees.

All employees get instant access to 3 live, online sessions each week. Replays are available on-demand for two weeks following each session.

See improved productivity & focus, increased emotional intelligence, and immediate stress reduction throughout your organization.

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"Rachel is a true partner to our department's well-being. 

Her unique approach to mindfulness meditation makes it welcoming to people of all ages and from all backgrounds and beliefs."

walonza lee,

Chicago, IL

Program Director & Doctor of Education

Group Sessions 3x each week

large organizations

24 months


for companies with more than 1,000 employees

On-call professional consulting to support your organization's employee well-being strategy

Private Year of Living Better® mindfulness workshops for leadership

Custom on-demand class series curated for your organization


Everything in the Standard Plans

1 pro bono Year of Living Better® mindfulness workshop to gift to the nonprofit of your choice 

Access to quarterly professional consulting to support mindful practices in your organization

1 private Year of Living Better® workshop for up to 60 employees


Everything in the 12 Month Plan




Quick-start kit to communicate the benefit to employees using your internal systems

White-labeled class website

Quarterly usage reporting to provide a snapshot of organizational utilization

Company-wide access to 3 live, virtual Year of Living Better® mindfulness training sessions each week with no additional cost per seat



full access for up to 1,000 employees

12 months

select your company plan & enroll:

Class replay available on-demand for 2 weeks

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Company-wide access to 3 live, virtual Year of Living Better® mindfulness training sessions each week with no additional cost per seat


Are you a non-Profit or a municipal organization? Click here to learn about access for your organization.

"They say you should work with people you would want to have a beer with. The same should go for your company's meditation coach!

Rachel makes this serious practice fun for my team."


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frequently asked questions

Yes. The teaching portion of each session is recorded and available on-demand for 2 weeks. The live, online sessions occur every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings for 20 minutes, 52 weeks a year.

These team members have full access to the platform and classes; no company email address is needed. As a part of your quick-start kit, you will receive material to share in break rooms, on benefits boards, and other places accessible to many folks.

Similar to EAP or other mental health support benefits, participation is entirely optional for each employee. Your people can join whenever they would like to develop these skill. 

Yes. This is one way our program is different than others on the market. The Year of Living Better® corporate mindfulness program was specifically designed as a workplace-first health benefit.

Our signature program is built on the foundation of mindfulness health interventions in practice at America's top research universities, including UCLA, the University of Wisconsin - Madison, UMass, Brown, and Stanford.

In addition to this approach:
- Our curriculum uses inclusive, work-appropriate language.
- Every instructor holds a certification in mindfulness facilitation from a major university.
- Our instructors are trained in trauma-sensitive mindfulness.

"It was the Zoom call to 'undo' all Zoom calls. Before the session I was tired and stressed. After the class I felt calmer. 

The class opened my eyes to a wider variety of ways to practice mindfulness."


DePaul University, School of Nursing

DePaul Student Nurses Assoc. Board Member

Get access to Day/Shift™: our monthly dispatch of free, virtual wellness activities for your company.

Looking for our free wellness toolkit?

Your budget doesn't increase just because your staff needs more support. We believe your fees shouldn't either.

Unlike other apps or EAP services, we are not priced on a cost-per-seat model.

How do we keep our costs so low? With Year of Living Better®, your people take part in these classes simultaneously with other professionals from around the country.

Students enjoy that they never end up in a training alone.

Managers appreciate that they can up-level their skills without calling attention to themselves.

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