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Join elite organizations already using these science-based tools to decode stress and prevent burnout.

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Year of Living Better at Work™ gets at the root cause of "quiet quitting" by addressing your employees and their managers.

Our approach is the fastest, easiest, & most-equitable path to a sustainable high-performance organization. No new tech to deploy. Not an app. We work in conjunction with your existing processes and tech-stack.

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Workforce burnout should be the top concern for every CFO, CEO, & senior company leader.

According to Gallup Research¹, turnover and lost productivity caused by employee burnout costs $3.2B globally.

And data shows this trend accelerating.

Resignations are made... workloads increase... key objectives go unmet, customer service suffers,  costly mistakes are made. Open roles are backfilled slowly or eliminated... trust erodes... productivity plummets. 

The longer you wait, the more expensive and time consuming it will be to stop this spiral.

We're here to help

The biggest and most preventable risk facing your organization

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We see every touchpoint with your workforce as an opportunity to uncover potential gaps in team care.

We'll deliver done-for-you comms plans to increase benefits utilization & respond to care gaps.

Build Capacity.

Middle managers hold the key to preventing "quiet quitting." 

We'll walk your managers through a simple, 2-step framework for immediately increasing team alignment & trust. 

Empower Managers.

Your Year of Living Better at Work™ engagement will kick of with our award-winning employee workshop, Self-Care 2.0™.

This hands-on workshop provides personalized plans for addressing stress before transitioning to sprint-based learning model for supporting successful habits.

Support Employees.

The future of high-performance teams

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From $12,000 depending on scope

Typical fee:

We design & deliver programming to support your management, to build healthy personal performance skills, and to the improve workforce experience.

Training for Leaders & Teams

Varies depending on the scope of engagement

Typical fee:

Based on the results of your Self-Care 2.0™ workshop, we support sprints to accelerate key results in candidate experience (recruiting), the employee lifecycle (retention), team culture (engagement).

People Strategy & Execution

From $7,500-$23,000+ depending on organization size. Executive events also available; request a quote.

Typical fee:

Our most-requested engagement. This event provides teams of up to 500 with immediate tools to address stress & burnout while capturing unique data. Learn why leaders love this high-ROI event.

The Self-Care 2.0™ Workshop

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Matt Richards,

"Rachel's mindfulness coaching provides our staff with weekly support.

Her simple practices give our people new tools to navigate stressful times."